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Love this whitening system

Love this whitening system! Easy to use, doesn’t take like bleach, natural and easy clean up! Saw a noticeable difference after first use!

Brighter Smile thanks to NiuSmile!

The NiuSmile Teeth Whitening Kit is one of the best teeth whitening systems I have ever tried in my life! After testing out countless teeth whitening products, I have finally found the one that truly works for me! Just after the first use I saw an immediate difference in the color of my teeth. I really recommend this kit to anyone looking for a teeth whitening system that actually delivers! It's super easy to use and you get to do it in the very comfort of your own home. So save yourself hundreds of dollars and invest in the NiuSmile experience! You won't be disappointed! I am loving my brighter smile thanks to NiuSmile 🙂

My teeth look super white know!!!

Best teeth whitening kit I've used!! Love that it's very easy to use and doesn't hurt my teeth at all! My teeth look super white know!!!

Works so well!!

This product works so well and is a much better deal than most of what’s out there! I whiten my teeth regularly and you could see the difference after just a few days of using this!

The best...

Best product I’ve ever used!!!!

Such a great deal!

I love that this bundle really gets you set up so easily. The teeth wipes are so convenient! I can freshen up my teeth pretty much anywhere I go now.

Easy Whitening

I really liked how the product worked on my upper teeth! No sensitivity and was fast and easy to use!

So Cool!

I don't know how this works exactly but it gets the job done.

Happy 😉

Wasn۪t sure at first but it worth it im really happy with the results, after only 1 week my teeth was so white & it doesn۪t taste bad. thank you! Xx

Does not irritate your teeth

This honestly works better than other teeth whitening products. It is organic and taste really good and it does not irritate your teeth. It works I can see the difference. Yay

Impressionnant 😉

Excellent produit! Les r̩sultats sont rapides et c'est si simple utiliser! Impressionnant.

Smooth product with great results

I used Niu Smile for the first time and it worked wonders. Very simple and easy to use. I was shocked at the immediate results it gave me and I will be using it much more in the future.


No bad taste

I۪ve tried other teeth whitening kits and my least favorite side effects was the sensitivity in my teeth afterwards and the horrible taste. I can honestly say I was nervous to try this but I have 0 sensitive and it honestly tastes great which took me by surprise. I am very excited to continue using this product and see the results that come from it


I really love this product I think it's one of the best products I've ever used to whiten my teeth I would definitely recommend it , it is affordable and I would recommend instead of going to a dentist to get your teeth whitened. It does an amazing job and will definitely purchase it in the future .

Theeth Whitening Kit

I have tried several other whitening kits but did not like the way they worked. They were not the right fit for me! Iove Niusmile not only because you can self-time the process but because it also smells good. It is a process that it is easy and painless. Highly recommended. 🙂

Teeth Whitening Kit

I۪ve tried various other companies whitening kit, but this one was by far the best! It has a self timer that is perfect so you can time yourself while getting dress and ready to head out. Also, the black bleach smells nice and DOESNT BURN! I۪ve used numerous bleaching products where it would burn my gums and hurt! This one I didn۪t matter how much I put on, the bleach isn۪t harmful!!!


These are so great and convenient!

Great Product

This kit is wonderful! I have used whitening kits with bleach in the past, and while they did whiten, they burned my gums. NIUsmile has made this wonderful organic black charcoal formula that tastes great and has ZERO peroxide so no burning/sensitivity. And the results were great after 1 week and even better after 2 weeks.


I loveeeee these little wipes! They۪ve been coming in quite handy. I try to keep at least one in my bag at all times.

Love these wipes

These wipes are great. I۪ve been keeping a few stores in different places so I۪m always able to freshen up my mouth. I۪ll definitely be ordering more.

obsessed with niusmile

When I ordered my package came very quickly which I appreciated. After first use I saw a difference right away. I love this product and thanks to you guys I have a brighter smile.

Easy to use

Easy to use. So far the results have been great!


This shows results in one week. It taste excellent and you honestly see a difference.

Niu Team

I was an influencer for Niu, and I honestly just loved the energy and genuineness of the team behind the brand. They hand wrote me a note with my package and nowadays it's so rare to receive personal customer service so I really appreciate it.


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© 2018, NiuSmile         Powered by HackAttract

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