How do I contact NiuSmile?

Customer Services Department

Email: [email protected]

We value any comments or suggestions you may have.

What happens if I swallow the whitening gel?

If a small amount of the NiuSmile teeth whitening gel is accidentally swallowed (the amount used for whitening – about 2 cc or less), you will be okay.

We do not know of any adverse effects that were clinically measured during safety testing.


What happens if I get the gel in my eyes?

Rinse with water immediately.


I have already purchased a teeth whitening kit from NiuSmile, am I able to purchase refill items?

Yes. All NiuSmile teeth whitening and oral care products can be purchased separately as well as packs. Click Here to view all NiuSmile products.


I lost my product instructions; do you have them on your website?

Please don’t worry; you are able to download a full set of instructions from us Here. Alternatively, you can view the product instructions on our website.


What are LED blue lights used for?

NiuSmile is a teeth whitening product that is activated with the blue light. These lights emit a special safe UV light that has been shown to help speed up and enhance teeth whitening by as much as 50%.


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© 2018, NiuSmile         Powered by HackAttract

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